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Ben Parsons
Account Director, Federal Advocacy

Ben Parsons is a high-tech political professional who has worked on central campaigns at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. His government expertise is focused on research and issues management, while in the private sector he has developed digital advocacy and public engagement campaigns.

Federally, Ben served as a senior advisor at the Liberal Research Bureau in government where he provided guidance on political risk management and media strategy. Ben also worked at the LRB between 2009 and 2011 in opposition.

Ben’s private sector work has focused on designing and executing digital advocacy and public engagement campaigns for non-profit and industry clients. A native of British Columbia, Ben is deeply engaged on issues around energy, social license and environmental policy. He has worked with environmental groups to grow their online voice. He also worked with the resource sector to explore the concept of social license, and developed campaigns and engagement processes that meaningfully engage with all relevant stakeholders.

At other levels of government, Ben worked on Issues Management with Vision Vancouver on their 2014 election campaign, and as Digital Director in the 2013 BC Liberal war room.

On a volunteer basis, Ben has worked on political training and elections abroad, first as a consultant for the National Democratic Institute in Morocco in 2010, helping to develop strategies for building political communications capacity beneath repressive regimes. More recently, he was an international observer in the Ukrainian Presidential and Russian Parliamentary elections.