Bob Lopinski



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Bob Lopinski led Premier Kathleen Wynne’s successful 2014 Liberal Campaign war room and played a key role in helping her new government and campaign team build on the experience of the previous McGuinty administration.

Recognized by the Toronto Star as both “an architect of Premier McGuinty’s rise to power” and “one of the most influential officials in government”, Bob has over 25 years of experience at the highest levels of Queen’s Park and provincial politics.

A seasoned lobbyist and government relations consultant, Bob is a trusted advisor to clients across many sectors. In addition to a long list of corporate clients, Bob has advised associations representing Ontario’s hospitals, universities, power producers, pharmacists, research-based pharmaceutical manufacturers, forestry companies and the gaming industry.

Bob’s value to clients goes beyond the strength of his relationships at Queen’s Park. His diverse skills include strategic communications planning, stakeholder and media relations, policy development, crisis management and legislative research.

Bob joined Counsel in December 2008 after successfully leading one of Canada’s largest public affairs groups in an international communications firm for almost four years.

Previously, Bob served as the Director of Issues Management and Legislative Affairs for the Premier of Ontario. He advised Premier McGuinty on the selection of his first Cabinet, directed all ministries in the management of contentious issues and prepared the Premier for Question Period. He also coordinated the development and implementation of the government’s legislative agenda and led specific policy files for the Premier.

Bob is one of the few people to play senior roles in every Liberal central election campaign back to 1995. In addition to his senior war room roles, Bob rode the bus with Dalton McGuinty in the 1999 campaign and led Premier McGuinty’s televised debate preparations in 2007.

Bob graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1989 with a BA in Political Science.