Brad Lavigne

Principal and Vice President


  • Health Care
  • Investment Funds
  • Green Energy
  • Strategic Positioning & Messaging


Brad Lavigne has over 20 years of communications, government relations, and political experience.

Brad served as the New Democratic Party’s National Campaign Director in the 2011 general election that resulted in the party’s best election result in its 50-year history, becoming Canada’s Official Opposition for the first time. Following the 2011 election, Brad was asked by the Hon. Jack Layton to serve as Principal Secretary to Canada’s Leader of the Official Opposition. It was a role Brad held through the leadership convention following Mr. Layton’s untimely passing.

Previously, Brad served as Principal Secretary and Director of Communications for Mr. Layton as Leader of the NDP in Parliament, and as National Director and Director of Communications for the NDP. He is author of the bestselling book Building the Orange Wave: The Inside Story of the Historic Rise of Jack Layton and the NDP.

Prior to joining Counsel, Brad built his own successful consulting firm, serving a diverse range of organizations with GR needs in Western Canada. He was also previously Ottawa-based Vice President with a national public affairs company, where he worked with clients from across Canada in a wide cross-section of sectors.

For over 12 years, Brad has been a weekly panelist on CBC News Network and has appeared regularly on CTV News Channel, Global TV, and CPAC.

Brad also worked for NDP governments in British Columbia. Between 1998 and 2001, Brad worked as an advisor to two Premiers and served as Chief of Staff to the Minister of Finance and an Assistant to the Minister of Advanced Education, Training & Technology.