Philip Dewan



  • Construction & Land Development
  • Health Care
  • Energy
  • Labour
  • Natural Resources & Environment


Philip Dewan has been a leading political advisor and public policy practitioner for more than 35 years. He has played critical roles in the election of two Ontario Premiers and helped shape the agenda on issues as diverse as the creation of centres of excellence in technology, the crafting of sustainable landlord-tenant legislation and the designation of the world’s largest urban Greenbelt.

Phil has worked across the country with major international and Canadian-based corporations, universities, unions, hospitals and non-profit associations. He has guided organizations through the development of strategic plans and advocacy programs, advised on crisis management, and helped them mobilize grassroots campaigns.

A masterful “bridge builder” between government and the private sector, Phil helps clients in virtually every sector of the economy, particularly construction and infrastructure, land development, environment, health care and energy.

Phil’s success in navigating the intricacies of the public affairs world is based on his competitive knowledge and varied experience across the political, bureaucratic and stakeholder realms.

Phil has contributed to major policy change from inside and outside government. He served as Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Official Opposition; CEO of a major industry association; Director of Policy for the Premier of Ontario; senior manager in the Ontario Public Service; and policy advisor in the federal government as well as with a non-profit consumer interest organization.

Phil holds a Master’s degree in Political Science, specializing in Public Policy, from the University of Hawaii, and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Waterloo.

Among his volunteer activities, Phil is a Board member of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada’s Ontario and Nunavut Division and Chair of the Ontario Social Action Committee. He is also a past Vice-President of the Consumers’ Council of Canada and was a long-time Director of the Credit Valley Family Health Team.