Public Affairs


Counsel Public Affairs is one of Canada's leading public affairs consulting firms.

You can draw on the accumulated experience of the best consultants in the business, including former Liberal and Conservative cabinet ministers, senior advisors to Premiers, federal and provincial Opposition Leaders and Ministers, municipal leaders, industry specialists, veteran political campaign operatives and issues management specialists.

Counsel can provide you with personalized hands-on advice from an incomparable public affairs team.

Government Relations

Advocacy is not just about getting through the right doors – it is about delivering the right messages to those in power. Having worked both inside and outside government at municipal, provincial and federal levels, we know how to relate your concerns to the government agenda, build your case and convey it effectively to those who matter.

Public Policy Development & Analysis

Public policy is about government weighing options, evaluating impacts and making choices. We understand the policy process and how to help your organization intervene effectively. We can help to ensure the facts are laid out, your case gets in front of the right people, and the policy implications are clear.

Strategic Counsel

You are your own best advocate. Our starting point is always first to understand your circumstances and objectives – in depth – and then help you to develop and implement the ideal strategy to get your message out and influence change.

Issues and Crisis Management

Managing issues is a proactive process, but we know that sometimes events occur that are beyond your control. We have the expertise and experience to help navigate the course, manage the media, cushion the public perception and map out the exit strategy.

Stakeholder Management

Skilled and targeted stakeholder management involves both recruiting allies and minimizing opposition. We can help you to identify, track and influence stakeholders, and communicate issues effectively.

Business Strategy

We understand that the business world involves the interplay of business strategy with government regulation (direct and indirect), public affairs, communications, human resources, legal and government policy. Counsel offers executive services that are based on a deep understanding of these complexities with seasoned executives who can hit the ground running.


For non-profit organizations, government agencies and corporations alike, good governance is critical to strong performance. Having run and served on dozens of high-profile boards in all sectors, our Principals provide clients with strategic governance services, board assessment tools, protocols, committee structures and management policies.

Counsel’s Principals offer you the benefit of many decades of combined senior-level experience in strategic communications, public affairs, public relations, digital communications and organizational management. They are directly involved in all day-to-day client work, supported by skilled and efficient staff.