Public Relations


Counsel is a full-service public relations firm offering comprehensive communications services.

We are committed to providing personalized and tailored services. Our senior-level management maintains hands-on involvement in all day-to-day activities and client work.

Our Principals have a history of working both as and with clients, which means we are sensitive to the importance of being fully involved in all aspects of a project.

Media Relations

We have long-standing relationships with local and national media and understand the changing media marketplace. We know who to talk to in order to get your message heard. We know how to shape news into a good story, and deliver it with maximum impact.

Reputation & Crisis Management

Whether it is building the reputation of your company or brand, maintaining your company's image in the public sphere, or recovering and re-establishing yourself after a negative event or news story, we can help you protect and re-build your reputation and the credibility of your brand.

Media & Presentation Training

We offer comprehensive, tailored media and presentation training. With experience on camera and coaching politicians and executives behind the scenes, we know how to deal with media effectively to get you results.

Online Ad Strategy & Design

Counsel's advertising program is a numbers game, not a guessing game. We know how to design effective ads, and how to guide your dollars where they have the most impact.

Monitoring, Testing & Optimization

Our team works with you to set clear goals and implements measurable, data-driven digital engagements to achieve them. From an initial audit of your existing digital assets to monitoring the online landscape relevant to you, we constantly test and analyze every aspect of your project. Counsel delivers optimized campaigns and initiatives that maximize your return on investment.

Social Media Strategy & Production

Social media can no longer be an afterthought. Counsel delivers social media efforts that are integrated with the rest of your campaign to maximize results. Counsel produces successful social media engagements that cut through the noise and generate lasting buzz.

Web Design & Development

Your website is more than just a clearinghouse for information. It ought to serve as a catalyst for building and developing relationships with your audience. Counsel will help you set clear goals and tailor your website for success.

Digital Engagement

We understand that engagement is the cornerstone of digital strategy. Whether it's sending a call-to-action through a tested, segmented e-mail program or telling your story through a Facebook Timeline, Counsel's digital communication solutions will help build an engaged community around your brand, cause, or campaign.

Project Management

Whether it is a product launch, increasing brand awareness or implementing effective communications or media campaigns, we have worked with clients to achieve results, both on short-term and long-term projects.

Strategic Communications

There are many ways to communicate in today's crowded multimedia marketplace; however, the key is knowing which approach works best given the circumstances. We can provide you with creative and visionary approaches that help you stand out and get noticed.

Event Management

From summits and press conferences to product launches and receptions, we specialize in managing flawless events with meticulous organization and execution.

The reputation of our Principals is what drives Counsel’s success. As a team, we offer one-on-one advice and remain directly involved in day to day client work. Counsel does not engage in the classic “bait and switch” practices seen in much larger companies.