Chris Carlile

Consultant, Western Practice


  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Campaign management
  • Strategic decision-making
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Chris is a leader, advisor, and policy professional in Alberta. He is known for his skills as a researcher, organizer, and for his enthusiasm to go well beyond the call of duty.  

Prior to joining Counsel, Chris served as Executive Director of Canada Strong and Proud, a pro energy, pro free-market advocacy organization that encourages people to become involved in elections and government decision making.  

Based in Calgary, he served as Chief of Staff to Councillor Jeromy Farkas on City Council. His research and strategic advice resulted in numerous published opinion pieces in local media, and many successful motions adopted by City Council. Chris has also worked in the Alberta Legislature in the office of the Minister of State (Finance).

A skilled organizer, Chris is able to take complex ideas from inception to planning and execution on a tight schedule.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Calgary, specializing in how political parties use databases and social media to improve election campaigning.