Strategic Communications

There are many ways to communicate in today’s crowded multimedia marketplace.

The key is knowing which approach works best given the circumstances.
We can provide you with creative and visionary approaches that help you stand out and get noticed.


Digital tools, including social media, can no longer be an afterthought. Counsel delivers social media efforts that are integrated with the rest of your campaign to maximize results. Counsel produces successful social media engagements that cut through the noise and generate lasting buzz.


We have long-standing relationships with local and national media and understand the changing media marketplace. We know who to talk to in order to get your message heard, and how to monitor the impact of our efforts. We know how to shape news into a good story, and deliver it with maximum impact.


We offer comprehensive, tailored media and presentation training. With experience on camera and coaching politicians and executives behind the scenes, we know how to deal with media effectively to get you results.


Whether it is maintaining your company’s image in the public sphere, or recovering and re-establishing yourself after a negative event or news story, we can help you protect and re-build your reputation and the credibility of your brand in the midst of a crisis and beyond.

Creative and visionary approach helps you get noticed.