Bob Lopinski



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Bob Lopinski Headshot
When it comes to Ontario provincial politics, Bob has literally seen and done it all.

Whether serving as a premier’s senior advisor, opposition strategist, external lobbyist, crisis communications consultant, or campaign insider, for almost 30 years Bob has helped shape Ontario’s political and public policy debate like few others.

A Principal and owner of Counsel Public Affairs, Bob is a trusted advisor to clients across many sectors. In addition to a long list of corporate clients (over 150 during his career), Bob has advised associations representing Ontario’s hospitals, universities, power producers, pharmacists, research-based pharmaceutical manufacturers, forestry companies and the gaming industry.

On the communications side, Bob has provided crisis simulation training for one of Canada’s largest transportation companies, assisted in the launch of a joint venture by the capital market arms of Canada’s largest banks, and advised CEOs and board chairs on crises including medical errors, plant closures, executive dismissal and a hostile corporate takeover.

As a consultant and strategist, Bob likes to challenge and be challenged. Bob helps clients and his colleagues think past the obvious next steps to find a real path to success. His relaxed but take-charge style provides the calming confidence clients need when tackling their toughest files.