Christina Rzepa

Senior Consultant


  • Strategic planning 
  • Collaborations and partnership building 
  • Campaign management  
  • Administrative support  
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In the intricate landscape of government relations in British Columbia, Christina stands out as a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience and connections. 

Using her deep understanding of government decision-making processes, she equips clients with strategic insights to navigate bureaucratic channels efficiently. Her knack for discerning critical decision points aids in prioritizing efforts, focusing on impactful avenues—be it formal or informal—to yield maximum influence. 

Before coming to Counsel, Christina’s career spanned pivotal roles in the BC New Democratic Party, both in opposition and government – where she earned trust as a senior advisor, instrumental in managing critical government challenges. 

Christina’s professional history is defined by her active engagement and unwavering commitment in supporting community members access to government programs and services. This experience has not only strengthened her grasp of the complexities inherent in government operations but has also nurtured a versatile and adaptive skill set – ideally tailored to her role at Counsel.  

Christina is creative and always forward thinking, an accomplished musician who can find the harmony in any situation where people come together, and a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community.