Crisis Communications

When crisis strikes, are you ready to take action?

Counsel’s experienced team can help you take control and protect your reputation in the face of crisis, whether it’s preparation, practice or managing issues in real-time.


They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s especially true when it comes to a crisis. Counsel will work with you to develop a game plan to triage and tackle thorny issues when they arise, and develop a tailored toolkit for your team to draw from whenever trouble arises.


It’s hard to know how you’ll react to a crisis until it actually happens – so practice is essential. Counsel puts your team to the test in a crisis scenario that mimics the complexity, surprise and pressure of a true crisis unfolding in real time. We provide tools and feedback to guide you in how to defuse a situation under stress.


We’re on call and here for you when crisis strikes. Our experienced team is available to you 24/7 to help navigate through challenging issues, including strategic advice, media relations, and media/social media monitoring.


Are you ready to face reporters in a crisis? Counsel’s crisis managers have trained Premiers, Ministers, CEOs, board members and executives to protect their reputation and stay on message in the face of intense media scrutiny. Counsel provides both classroom and practical hands-on training to make sure the face of your organization is ready for prime-time in a crisis.

Making sure your voice is heard.