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A new large sample national public opinion poll has both good and bad news for the top four federal political parties. Nationally, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are statistically tied with Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives, with the party standings as follows: Liberal 31 per cent; Conservative 30 per cent; New Democratic Party 19 per cent; Green Party 4 per cent; Bloc Québécois 7 per cent; People’s Party of Canada 7 per cent.

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With governments, businesses and organizations planning for the post-COVID recovery, now is the time to learn what Canadians are thinking across a range of issues that affect their future.

Counsel Research’s differentiator is large sample polling at an affordable price. This lets us go deeper into the views of key groups of Canadians. Whether you are interested in swing voters, homeowners, or provincial samples, our bigger sample gives you better information at the local level – just the kind of vital information that decision-makers are looking for. Click here for more information.

Led by Counsel’s David Murray, the Conservative Party of Canada’s 2019 election pollster.

He has an intimate understanding of how political leaders calculate their next moves, and the voter coalitions each party needs to persuade to achieve their electoral goals.

At Counsel, David focuses on federal government advocacy and expands Counsel’s suite of services to include public opinion research. He uses data to craft narratives that demonstrate how clients’ goals can empower decision makers to be successful.


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