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Housing Data:

Feb 17, 2022

Newly-released public opinion data spotlights widespread concern about the cost of housing in Ontario and a desire for bold government action.

According to Counsel’s poll, 83% of Ontario voters are either very concerned or somewhat concerned about the cost of housing in their community. These high levels of concern are consistent across the province, reflecting the rapid housing cost increases experienced across Ontario during the pandemic. A staggering 82% of renters in Ontario believe they will never be able to afford a home.

While Ontario voters are evenly divided on whether the housing crisis is a supply or demand issue, two-thirds believe that the government should take action to limit increasing housing prices. Supported measures include taxing gains on the sale of primary residences that exceed $1 million, requiring developers to build low-income housing whenever they build a new development, and a foreign-owned vacancy tax.

Despite the need for action, most Ontario voters remain unwilling to compromise on environmental preservation: 73% believe that Ontario’s Greenbelt should remain protected from development.

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Issues Data:

Feb 4, 2022

Newly-released data delves further into issues of key concern for Ontarians, as well as opinions related to COVID-19 and inflation.

The data reveals cost of living as the issue of most concern to Ontarians across the political spectrum, followed by the healthcare system, COVID-19, and housing affordability.

Ontarians continue to feel the pressure of inflation on their daily lives, and are looking to government as the cause. A majority of Canadians of all political affiliations believe government actions have significant impact on increased inflation. 80% of Ontarians believe inflation is an invisible tax, and 60% support eliminating inflation to make life more affordable.

On COVID-19, Ontarians share widespread support for vaccine mandates, taxes, and lockdown measures. Over 70% of Ontarians, including over 40% of those who are unvaccinated, support the recent lockdown measures of limiting indoor gatherings and restricting retail and restaurant capacities.

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The Race:

Jan 27, 2022

A new public opinion poll by Counsel Public Affairs shows opportunities for Ontario’s three main parties.

Province-wide, Doug Ford’s Ontario PCs hold the lead (decided or leaning voters) over both Andrea Horwath’s Ontario New Democrats and Steven Del Duca’s Ontario Liberal Party. If an election were held today, poll respondents would vote 34.9% for Doug Ford’s Ontario PCs, 30.5% for Andrea Horwath’s Ontario NDP, 24.2 % for Steven Del Duca’s Ontario Liberal Party, 4.4% for Mike Schreiner’s Ontario Green Party, and 6% for other parties.

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Over the coming weeks, Counsel will be sharing additional data from our January poll, delving further into Ontarians’ views on key issues.

With governments, businesses and organizations planning for the post-COVID recovery, now is the time to learn what Canadians are thinking across a range of issues that affect their future.

Counsel Research’s differentiator is large sample polling at an affordable price. This lets us go deeper into the views of key groups of Canadians. Whether you are interested in swing voters, homeowners, or provincial samples, our bigger sample gives you better information at the local level – just the kind of vital information that decision-makers are looking for. Click here for more information.

Led by Counsel’s David Murray, the Conservative Party of Canada’s 2019 election pollster.

He has an intimate understanding of how political leaders calculate their next moves, and the voter coalitions each party needs to persuade to achieve their electoral goals.

At Counsel, David focuses on federal government advocacy and expands Counsel’s suite of services to include public opinion research. He uses data to craft narratives that demonstrate how clients’ goals can empower decision makers to be successful.


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