The new players in the Alberta government

Premier Jason Kenney’s top priorities of jobs, pipelines and the economy drove the composition of his new 23-member cabinet, sworn in yesterday. The Premier’s front bench includes new portfolios such as Red Tape Reduction and Natural Gas that both increase the number...

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Kenney sweeps Alberta

Alberta is blue again. The United Conservative Party led by Jason Kenney has won its first majority government. The UCP won 63 of the 87 seats in the Alberta Legislature, and over 53.8% of the popular vote, after an election filled with negative attacks and divisive...

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What Matters Most to the Ford Government

Finance Minister Vic Fedeli delivered his government’s first budget entitled “Protecting What Matters Most” – so what matters most to the Ford government? Eliminating the deficit. The path back to balance will take five years – a wily choice that allows the government...

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Alberta Election 2019: The Politics Behind Energy Priorities

The Alberta election comes on the heels of a difficult economic period for the province, shaped by suppressed oil prices and economic hardship in the energy industry. While whichever party forms government after the April 16th election will not be able to entirely...

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Alberta Election 2019: The Big Ballot Question

Political parties spend millions of dollars on research, advertising and a leader’s tour to shape how voters view each election, and the choices offered.  It’s an exercise known as “setting the ballot question.” The more success a party has in defining that question,...

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Morneau’s pre-election budget targets pocketbook issues

Despite record low unemployment and relatively strong economic fundamentals, pocketbook issues still dominate voter concerns. The Liberal government’s pre-election budget seeks to ease these economic anxieties by addressing cost of living issues with new measures...

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Byelection Roundup: Everyone’s a winner

February 25th was one of those rare nights in politics where all three major party leaders had something to celebrate. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won big in Outremont – opening up the possibility of a big sweep in Quebec this fall. This result also reflects how...

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NDP hold on to power with by-election win

In a do-or-die moment for BC’s New Democrats, their candidate emerged victorious in the Nanaimo byelection. Sheila Malcolmson will become the new MLA from Nanaimo, after handily beating out Liberal Tony Harris and the Green Party’s Michele Ney. Malcolmson took home...

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