Amanda van Baarsen

Associate Vice President, Western Canada


  • Crisis Management
  • Health
  • Labour
  • Public Engagement
  • Stakeholder Relations
Headshot of Amanda van Baarsen against a white brick background

Amanda is a fixer – the one you want on your side when a solution seems out of reach.

She brings more than a decade of experience in value-based problem solving, strategic planning, and crisis management. Within that time, she worked for the BC New Democratic Party in opposition and in government, building meaningful connections with new and long-serving MLAs and a deep understanding of how the BC government works.

Amanda served in ministries that were key priorities of the BC government, such as Health, Advanced Education and Citizen Services. She was a trusted senior advisor, helping to manage some of the most challenging issues facing the government, including playing a valued role in the coordination of BC’s internationally-recognized pandemic response.

As a frequent lead on government’s public engagement, Amanda participated in hundreds of meetings across a variety of sectors, including with senior business executives, health professional organizations, industry associations, labour leaders, municipal, federal, and Indigenous leaders, and leaders of faith communities. She understands what effective government engagement looks and sounds like, and uses those skills to help clients make the most of their interactions with officials – focusing on the right decision-makers with the right message.

Her understanding of when and how decisions are made across government helps clients navigate processes, including through informal channels, to prioritize efforts where they will have the most impact.

Clients can count on Amanda to offer candid, accurate, and valuable advice. Bring Amanda your ideas and goals and come away with a comprehensive strategy complete with multiple avenues of engagement geared for success.