Caroline Pinto

Partner and Co-Founder


  • Innovation & Sharing Economy
  • Health Care
  • Regulated Professions & Industries
  • Stakeholder Engagement /
    Indigenous Facilitation

Caroline Pinto gets to the root of a problem.

A seasoned public affairs and government relations practitioner with over 20 years’ experience, Caroline’s uncommon ability to untangle complex issues and provide practical solutions gives her a competitive edge in policy development, negotiation, and strategic problem solving.

As a Partner and co-founder of Counsel Public Affairs, Caroline provides strategic political and policy advice across a broad range of issues and sectors, including health care, the sharing economy, housing and land development, forestry, Indigenous issues, regulated industries and professions, as well as a host of not-for profit sectors.

Caroline’s profound understanding of the political and public policy development process stems from her work as policy advisor to the Attorney General of Ontario and Minister Responsible for Native Affairs under the Mike Harris government from 1995 to 1998. Building on her experience in government, she had a two-year stint as Vice President and Director in the Private/Public Partnership Group at Deloitte & Touche LLP. Prior to her more than 20-year career in politics and government relations in and around Queen’s Park, Caroline practiced law in Ontario.

Clients count on Caroline to craft and execute complex and integrated government and public relations action plans built to succeed, including effective political and public policy analysis and solutions, stakeholder mapping and engagement, and strategic communications.

Caroline’s experience as a trusted strategist is supported by years of leading interdisciplinary teams, her work on coordinating health professions’ regulatory reviews, and working collaboratively with government on emerging public policy areas including the sharing economy.

She’s the strategist you need to lead your large and complex public affairs projects to success – both on time and on budget.