Elizabeth Campbell 

Consultant, Federal Advocacy 


  • Client services
  • Parliamentary functions and procedures
  • Campaign strategy 
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Born and raised in Ottawa, Elizabeth brings her experience of working in a Conservative Member of Parliament’s office to Counsel. Beginning as a Parliamentary Assistant before advancing to the pivotal role of Office Manager, Elizabeth has a deep understanding of parliamentary functions and a unique perspective on the mechanisms that drive effective government operations. She brings a breadth of knowledge about how clients should work in tandem with MPs to advance their ideas and influence legislation.  

Prior to her role on the Hill, Elizabeth worked with the Conservative Party of Canada as a National Service Desk Agent and Team Lead during the 2019 federal election. She returned in 2021 to co-manage a campaign in the federal election in Toronto, where she also served as the Official Agent for the candidate.  Her personal interest in environmental policies coincides with her commitment to advocating for a sustainable and greener future. 

As a Consultant on Counsel’s Federal Advocacy team, Elizabeth combines her understanding of political intricacies with exceptional client service skills to create strategies that drive impactful policy change.   

A graduate of Carleton University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Elizabeth’s academic foundation is rooted in understanding human behaviour and motivations.