On March 7, 2023 the Stefanson government announced Manitoba’s pre-election Budget, titled Historic Help for Manitobans. The budget included nearly $2 billion in new funding, and projected a $363 million deficit. This is the first budget since the PCs took office in 2016 to see a spending increase in every department.

Manitoba’s Pre-election Budget: Top 5 Highlights

1. Historic Help for Manitobans

  • The government introduced Manitoba’s largest one-time increase to the basic personal exemption – from $10,145 to $15,000. Totaling $311-million in tax relief to Manitobans.
  • This year, the Budget will also increase the School Tax Rebate to 50% on farm and residential properties.
  • Increased individual tax bracket thresholds to $47,000 and $100,000, effective for the 2024 tax year (from $36,842 and $79,625 respectively in 2023). This change will be worth $160-million in savings for Manitobans in the 2024 tax year.
  • Finally, government will increase the payroll tax thresholds; ensuring employers with payrolls of less than $2.25-million will no longer pay payroll tax.

2. Safer Streets

  • One of the government’s key pre-budget announcements centered on a new $51-million homelessness strategy.
  • In addition, the government committed $50 million over two years to address violent crime – with indications that this will go to support prosecutors and police. Further details are yet to come.
  • $7.1-million in funding for enhancements to the Family Violence Prevention Program.
  • An additional $9.4 million for 1,000 new addictions treatment spaces.

3. Healing Healthcare

  • The government is investing a record total of $7.9 billion in healthcare, including $130-million to address diagnostic and surgical backlogs. This is $668-million more than last year.
  • This investment will include expanding coverage for diabetes insulin pumps and glucose monitors, and creating a new hearing aid program for seniors.
  • On the capital side, a $1.2-billion multi-year campaign will add capacity to nine health facilities, including hospitals across the province.

4. Stronger Communities

  • An increase of $47-million in operating grants to municipalities and Northern Affairs communities based on a new funding formula.
  • An additional $13.4-million for transit systems in Winnipeg, Brandon, Selkirk, Flin Flon, and Thompson.
  • $268.5-million in capital expenditures to build more schools and support renovations and additional projects in existing schools.
  • More than $81-million to the service providers of Community Living disABILITY Services and Children’s disABILITY Services to raise the average funded wage to $19/hour.

 5. Opportunities Ahead

  • More than $2.5-billion in trade-enabling highway infrastructure over the next five years.
  • Adding an additional $50-million, for a total of $100-million Venture Capital Fund.
  • $92.5-million in funding to support post-secondary, including $10-million to support the creation and expansion of programs to address labour market shortages.
  • Commitment of $101-million for the Lake Manitoba Outlet Channels Project.

See here for a comprehensive review of the 2023 Manitoba Budget: Historic Help for Manitobans.

Other recent major announcements include:

The next provincial election in Manitoba is scheduled for October 3, 2023.

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